Professional DJ services in Montreal:
lighting, animation, sound


Photobooth with disguises and guaranteed fun

Music and entertainment are the key elements of a successful event. People will not remember what they ate at the event a year later, but rather the mood of that particular evening, or how much fun they've had, for example.


Group dances

Our priority is to make our customers happy for them to have a fond memory of the event and for them to be proud of having chosen us.


Crowd entertainment for wedding, Christmas party, bar mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen

The quality of our services depends not only on having the latest technology, but on professionalism:
We offer entertainers or professional hosts/MCs as well as highly skilled artists with great experience that will surely make a difference by keeping your guests dancing and having fun all night long.


Professional DJs that fits any type of event

Our DJs are also part of the quality choice you'll make thanks to their skill and the variety of music and tracks played: they constantly analyze the crowd to know if the mood is right and adapt quickly to the situation by changing music styles.


Special PhotoBooth and new concepts to liven up your next event

In order to create a completely different event from what you usually see, our team of programmers keep developing new concepts to provide you with a personalized, special and unique event.

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Meet your next DJ in person

To ensure an unequivocal quality and ensure that you are happy for choosing us, a meeting is organized in order to understand what your expectations are to translate these into an unforgettable experience.

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